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Aspiration, Focus, Commitment

Challenge assumptions, recognize opportunities and create an inspiring and practical path forward.

An effective and inclusive planning process

We facilitate development of strategies that promote action and progress—while avoiding pitfalls that undermine direction and commitment.  While there is no “one size fits all” method, we work with your leaders and people to answer essential questions, create alignment and link aspirations to actions.

Define Objectives & Scope

  • What’s driving our need for a plan?
  • How will we ensure engagement and commitment to the effort?

Assess & Refresh Mission, Vision, Values

  • What are our existing strengths, challenges, opportunities?
  • What business(es) should we be in?
  • How to best express our purpose, aspirations and guiding principles?

Develop Priorities, Goals & Initiatives

  • What actions are most essential to achieving our vision and mission?
  • What specific outcomes will determine our success?
  • How will we measure short- and long-term achievement?

Communicate & Execute Strategy

  • How can we explain our strategy and engage our people?
  • What initiatives will turn goals into results?
  • Who will manage resources, assess progress and refine the plan?
Why work with us?

Ensure your strategy and plans are relevant, actionable and future-focused. No more dust-gathering plans, laundry lists of projects without purpose, or goals that overwhelm your resources.

Success Story: Planning Across Oregon State Government

Pivotal has partnered with several Oregon state agencies in guiding the development of strategic plans.  These are part of an effort across the state’s government to deliver more effective services, ensure equity and inclusion, optimize use of tax revenues, and build more capable people and agencies.

Examples of these successes:


Ensure clear direction and priorities in parallel with a major systems and service transformation.

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Board of Pharmacy

Maintain patient safety as a focus in a changing pharma environment.

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Department of Transportation

Unify a diverse organization as demands grow for mobility, intermodal options, equity and efficiency.

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Secretary of State

Identify strengths, weaknesses and key themes for strategic change.

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Learn more about how an effective Strategic Planning
process can propel your organization.