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Project Description

OBOP is responsible for regulating and promoting the safe practice of pharmacy in Oregon.  Facing significant challenges—including the expanding role of pharmacy in medical care, cost pressures on retail outlets, and new dispensing technologies—not to mention responding to the Covid pandemic—the Board relies on a four-year strategic planning cycle provide direction to staff and update priorities.  After concerns that consensus and guidance had gotten fuzzy, Pivotal was engaged to strengthen the process.  We’ve facilitated three years of the planning cycle.  Our role includes Board, staff and stakeholder interviews, interpretation of key issues, design and facilitation of a 1 or 2-day Board/staff workshop, and translating discussions into Goals, Actions and a plan document.  It’s a collaborative effort that ensures the Board’s primary mission—patient safety—is constantly in focus.

Project Results

Board and staff have remained aligned on priorities for action, with achievements on several fronts.  For example, an overhaul of outdated rules has made significant progress, more clarity has been provided on the role of pharmacy technicians, and safe use guidelines are in place for technologies to dispense medicine in remote locations.