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Project Description

ODFW promotes the health of the state’s wildlife and their enjoyment by citizens through safe observation, angling and hunting.  Our first assignment was to support adoption of a new Electronic Licensing System (ELS) for hunting and fishing.  We facilitated departmental teams and outreach to external stakeholders, determining key requirements opportunities to improve service and efficiency.  Key to success would be strong adoption by hunters and anglers as well as partner agencies including Oregon State Police.  Pivotal’s change management guidance proved essential in promoting acceptance of the new system.

A few years later, we were brought in to support the creation of a new “Habitat Division” to operate alongside the existing Fish and Wildlife Divisions.  Working with ODFW leaders and a cross-agency team, we facilitated development of a new organizational structure, vision and purpose for the new division, key responsibilities, and staffing plan.  Building a strong rationale, effective communications and change management were key, considering potential impacts on ODFW staff.

Project Results

  • Within three months, the new ELS boosted online license sales from less than 6 to over 40 percent—and has continued to grow, saving the agency $2 million per year.
  • After extensive effort, legislators approved the new Habitat Division, paving the way for new positions including a division administrator dedicated to enhancing wildlife environments.