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Insights and Skills to Move Your Organization Forward

Leaders who can manage and thrive on change are key to improvement, growth and performance.  Our unique approach develops the focus, flexibility and teamwork to strengthen leadership cultures and build individual skills.

Leadership for today… and tomorrow

Pivotal Resources offers a variety of services to develop outstanding change leaders and governance systems. We work with you to select the best mix of actions to achieve both immediate and long-term results.

Leadership Facilitation and Team Support

We guide leaders through challenging decisions, advise on critical initiatives, and promote essential stakeholder involvement.  From vision-setting to managing the details our support keeps efforts moving forward while demonstrating essential change leadership practices.

Success Story:

To lay the groundwork for a new organizational unit, we led a series of meetings for a government agency leadership team to establish a vision and goals, identify design principles, explore structure and roles, and build agreement.

Governance Structures, Processes and Decision Making

Overloaded resources, role confusion, conflicting priorities—these are common symptoms of weak governance systems, which can plague even the best leaders.  We identify gaps in leadership processes and help establish practices and mindset to strengthen alignment and direction.  The outcome: the right decisions, made by the right people, at the right time

Success Story:

Faced with challenging performance goals, a global consumer products leadership team heeded our advice that “continuous improvement” from its manufacturing and supply chain operations would not be enough.  In response, we helped them develop new leadership processes to align decision cycles, set strategic goals and guide local initiatives.  Along with exceeding their targets, the new governance practices were sustained—and expanded to other business units.

Leadership Development

Strong leadership is much more than a list of behaviors or competencies.  Our distinctive coaching and training focus on building adaptable leaders who can apply different skills to unique situations.  We challenge “comfort zones” and provide tools to integrate experience, intuition, facts and creativity, with an emphasis on developing change leaders.

Success Story:

For a multi-brand hotel chain, we developed and led workshops for C-suite, business unit executives and management teams worldwide.  The goal: Prepare for the culture and operational objectives of an ambitious Six Sigma initiative. Topics ranged from building teamwork and decision making to priority-setting and leading change.  Leadership improvements helped the company drive significant guest satisfaction and profitability goals—and a more open, participative culture.

Management Culture Assessment

The norms and expectations of your management significantly influence business performance—and efforts to build better leaders.  We identify the pros and cons of your current management culture, with insights to overcome often-hidden obstacles to improvement.  Just as important, you can recognize and build on the strengths that have made your organization and its leaders successful.

Success Story:

To help a global agricultural products company launch a major shift in strategy, we interviewed and conducted a personal styles assessment for corporate and country managers.  Results were shared at an all-managers meeting, with discoveries targeting new practices and skills that would bridge the gap between “field” and “headquarters”—and deliver a successful transformation.

What are the keys to being an effective leader? It depends.

A foundation of our leadership services is the discovery that for every key to success, the exact opposite is also essential.  These “change paradoxes” reveal why the best leaders adapt their approach to each situation, and seek the right balance between seemingly contradictory solutions.  Poignant paradoxes (there are many) include:

Change and Constancy

Nothing improves without change, but too much or too often overloads resources—and makes it impossible to assess impacts.

Speed and Deliberateness

Moving quickly builds momentum and ensures you hit the “window of opportunity.”  But unchecked, breakneck efforts lead to hasty decisions and mistakes.

Teamwork and Individual Initiative

Every major improvement relies on group effort and commitment.  Yet a single person’s decision to take action is often what starts and sustains change.

Sell and Tell

Enthusiastic buy-in for ideas and projects is a key ingredient for success.  However, even popular changes may hit resistance that can only be addressed by setting “new rules.”

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