Pivotal Resources makes improvement and change successful, and sustainable. We’re seasoned experts in helping leaders, managers, and front-line staff set goals, build skills and achieve results.

Pivotal Resources - Leadership Performance

Leadership Performance

Pivotal’s leadership services build the dynamic skills—and governance processes—that all leaders must master to inspire and guide successful change. Our approach goes beyond typical leadership programs or Lean Six Sigma “champion” courses, challenging managers to become true change leaders.

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Pivotal Resources - Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Pivotal provides the horsepower and expertise to meet your change objectives, with seasoned consultants who lead projects, advise and support, and/or train your people. Our track record of impressive client results is fueled by powerful methods, including Lean, Six Sigma, change management and more.

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Pivotal Resources - Portfolio Process Management

Process Management

Pivotal helps you to set the right priorities, guide improvement investments and align them to the value engines of your organization. Effective process knowledge and management can boost your “change ROI”, unlock big benefits, and reduce the pain of failed initiatives.

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Pivotal Resources - Client Diagnostics

Client Diagnostics

Pivotal helps verify and assess your current needs and priorities, to ensure our services propel your organization in the right direction. Formal and informal diagnostics gauge leadership, performance levels, skills, change readiness—any factor impacting your ability to achieve your goals.

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Vision, Results and Client Satisfaction

Pivotal Resources was founded in 1993 with the vision of linking diverse organizational improvement methods into a cohesive model for achieving significant and lasting business results. We are a global consulting firm helping organizations like yours reach new levels of success and growth.

Our foundation in process improvement and business process management set us apart early as a leader in the industry. Over the years, our thought leadership has greatly influenced the industry and allowed us the good fortune of working with many of the world’s most respected companies. Our first major publication, The Six Sigma Way, was released in 2000 and was later named by Forbes as one of the 10 Most Influential Management titles of the last 20 years, and TIME‘s 25 Most Influential Business Management Books.

They helped our leadership team set the right direction and priorities, and then enabled our people to look at our problems and opportunities in a new way.— Executive Vice President, Macy’s

Building internal capacity has been our major focus and they have fully supported us in this by providing expert coaching and mentorship.— Sr. Vice President, Alberta Health Services

Pivotal has exceeded our expectations and has proven to be a capable and effective partner in helping to improve many aspects of our internal processes and operations.— Sr. Project Manager, Oregon Dept. of Transportation

How Pivotal Works With You


Principle #1

Establish clear, achievable objectives for every consulting engagement, training session or meeting.

Time is valuable. We work with you up-front to define deliverables and set expectations. We promise only what we can deliver and deliver what we promise.


Principle #2

Establish a close, honest and enjoyable partnership. 

We’ve found that integrity and openness are great for business and have helped us establish strong relationships and many friendships among our clients. Our success is based on your success and we do everything possible to work together in achieving meaningful results.

Principle #3

Tailor services and solutions to your organization’s goals and needs.

Businesses share common problems – but the solutions to those problems are never “common.” One size does not fit all!


Principle #4

Flexible approach to best fit your most urgent situation and challenges. 

Your organization is changing — we’ll adapt quickly to your needs and goals and keep our eyes open for better ways to help you. Our consultants are particularly keen at sensing when adjustments may be necessary.


Givaudan Builds Active Beauty Through Eco-Efficiency

Pivotal Resources helps Givaudan—the world’s leading developer and producer of flavor and fragrance products—integrate Lean and Continuous Improvement practices across its global operations through training, coaching and leadership support.  With a strong commitment to sustainable practices, Givaudan is developing innovative eco-efficiency practices in its growing Active Beauty business.

How Can We Help?

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Pivotal Resources Inc.


Adidas Turns Marine Plastic Waste into Shoes

Ocean Plasticadidas plastic shoesThe Adidas Group has continued its long-time partnership with Pivotal Resources to provide world-wide lean training — helping  to drive down lead times for product delivery in a competitive marketplace.  Adidas has also continued ways to innovate.  One such program, in collaboration with a non-profit organization, has resulted in useful solutions to tackle the problem of marine plastic waste (see short video).


Six Sigma Wines

Pivotal Resources consulted, trained, and partnered with GE’s service businesses—GE Capital and NBC television—as part of the famous Six Sigma initiative championed by then-Chairman Jack Welch.  One of the executives we worked with at that time (1996-1998) was Kaj Ahlmann, President of Employers Reinsurance Corporation (ERC).  A few years later, Kaj launched his post-GE family venture: Six Sigma Ranch & Winery in the Lake County area east of Napa Valley.  As their website explains, Kai “was convinced that Six Sigma held great potential for winemaking …. He was so sure of it that he chose to name the family ranch, which would later include a winery, after the Six Sigma process that he utilizes in the business today.”  Here’s to Kaj and his passion for improvement – Cheers!