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People: Your Solution
to the Change Equation

Resistance to change is a given, yet it plagues many promising initiatives and frustrates countless leaders and project teams.  We help you integrate effective, people-focused change management into every decision and initiative.

What’s Missing from Typical Change Management Approaches?

No improvement succeeds without bringing—and keeping—people on board.  With so many models, tools and books on change management, why do so many efforts struggle to get the support they need?  Some of the more common gaps:

Failure to consider all the people and groups affected by the change

Assumption that benefits are obvious and outcomes are welcome

Intermittent and inconsistent communication

Stopping at the launch, when it’s really the start of the change

Just as important, change management is often handled as a task on the project plan, when it must be a mindset that’s part of every decision, meeting and communication.

Pivotal’s Formula for Change Management Success

Our approach is built on the simple but powerful Change Equation:

We advise and support your initiatives—and organizational change management (OCM) capability—by helping track and address each variable in the Equation.  Actions and methods are tailored to the group, objectives and phase of the change—which together determine your Results.

Success Stories: Broad Expertise, Flexible Methods, Positive Outcomes

Having supported hundreds of initiatives across many organizations, Pivotal consultants can apply many proven change management models (e.g. ADKAR, Kotter, and our own proprietary roadmap).  But we work with you to choose and adapt the approach to your change management challenge.

Examples of our impact include:


Led an evaluation of internal and external stakeholder needs in advance of the switch to a new electronic fishing and hunting licensing system.  Helped build support for the transition and determined requirements for the new on-line application.

High Tech

Developed and deployed custom change management training for a Fortune 500 networking technology company.  Coached change agents in how best to bring people on board for a variety of improvement initiatives.


During the merger of two major airlines, worked with Engineering managers from both companies to assess cultural factors that would impact unifying a business-critical process.  Provided guidance on overcoming resistance and facilitated working sessions to develop change management strategies.


Worked with leadership of a major regional hospital to engage staff in an effort to improve care planning, treatment and discharge for respiratory patients.  Conducted listening/engagement sessions with physicians, nurses and operations staff, as well simulation exercises to build familiarity with new procedures, documents and cross-department communication.

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