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Project Description

The Secretary of State has a diverse portfolio of responsibilities serving both the public and government operations.  Our team was engaged to identify strengths, weaknesses and key themes for strategic change as input to planning effort initiated by late Secretary Dennis Richardson.  We conducted a series of “benchmark assessments” focused on the Audits, Corporation and State Archives Divisions.  Our investigations included staff and stakeholder interviews, process and systems review and observation, identification of initial themes and a “deeper-dive” assessment of these focus area.  In addition, we conducted outreach and research to compare Oregon efforts to those of other states.  For each Division we prepared a written report outlining opportunities and suggested actions, which were presented to the Secretary and his leadership team.  A key to our approach was to combine an objective review with Pivotal’s extensive experience and insight into organizational performance, efficiency and culture.

Project Results

Our evaluations and suggestions were well-received, both by the Secretary and the Divisional teams.  More importantly, actions were taken in each area to address opportunities and implement recommended changes.  As an example, the Audits division has taken steps to improve selection of audit projects and make their review processes more efficient—without sacrificing accuracy or impact.