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Change Management

CIBullet Overview of Change Management

Resistance to change is a given. For many reasons – some obvious, others unconscious – getting people to buy-in to new ideas and actually alter their behavior is a major challenge to almost any improvement effort. Even when change agents recognize and take action to “build support,” their methods are often narrow and ineffective. Just “selling” won’t work, for example, when people don’t want to buy. Gaining support for change can’t be an afterthought.  It takes an understanding of how to position ideas and build acceptance that can last. That’s where Pivotal Resources’ Change Leadership™ services can help you build a plan to strengthen and streamline adoption of change through a series of realistic and practical change management practices, tailored to your initiative.

CIBullet Approach & Benefits of Change Management

Pivotal Resources works with your leaders and project teams to identify key audiences and develop a coherent set of actions to engage and gain acceptance for important change initiatives. We focus on a comprehensive approach that may include such elements as:

  • Defining the Future State – It’s a mistake to assume people “don’t like” change.  But they will resist change that has the potential for being worse than the current state.  We help you build clarity and consensus around a purpose or vision, and learn to effectively convey how the new will be better than the now.
  • Understanding stakeholders – Identifying important players and influencers and personalizing an approach to gain buy-in and/or advocacy.
  • Overcoming objections – Recognizing specific arguments opposing new approaches or solutions and defining ways to overcome or accommodate them.
  • Building enthusiasm – Developing “marketing” programs to create excitement and help people understand the benefits/advantages of a change.
  • Validating benefits – Preparing evidence supporting the beneficial results of an initiative, or demonstrating that certain concerns can be effectively addressed.
  • Adapting and energizing – Flexing to new challenges and above all persisting even after you think buy-in is complete (when it often is not).
  • Enforcing compliance – While the “carrot” is usually a preferred approach, having a “stick” – i.e. negative consequences for opposing or failing to adopt new procedures – is usually essential to solidify change over the long term.

This type of advice and support is most useful for efforts which the stakes are high and where the importance of adoption is critical to success. Our Change Management process emphasizes the dynamic nature of change efforts and the need to evolve the change/buy-in efforts as a project progresses. To build internal change management capability, Pivotal’s Change Management Workshops are available for leaders, project teams or improvement facilitators.

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