Our Services: Change Leadership™

From transforming culture to improving performance, Pivotal Resources offers a comprehensive array of services to help you target, lead and execute successful change.

We’ve enabled clients worldwide to:

  • Cut costs and speed output in activities from marketing to manufacturing
  • Integrate acquisitions and launch new strategic initiatives
  • Strengthen customer connections and raise service to new levels
  • Build cross-functional teamwork and align conflicting/redundant initiatives
  • Establish effective business measures and performance management systems
  • Boost quality, eliminate defects and improve reliability
  • Increase the impact and speed of launching new IT solutions
  • Create a culture of continuous improvement from leadership to the front line

Pivotal’s Change Leadership service architecture is a starting point to identify which of our consulting and training solutions will best help drive change and build leaders in your organization:


Leadership Performance

Pivotal Resources'Leadership PerformanceThe ability of leaders—at all levels—to spark innovation, growth and improvement is often the most decisive factor in an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive. We develop leaders who can effectively target and drive change while also building their own flexibility and capacity to define and meet operational goals and achieve new visions.

Right for you when: Your organization needs leaders to more effectively guide change and/or to establish a new leadership culture of collaboration, execution and innovation.



Portfolio & Process Management

Speed aPivotal Resources' Portfolio & Performance Managementnd adaptability are hard to come by in today’s complex organizations, often pulled in many directions at once. Helping you build alignment, teamwork and focus, we target immediate needs like project selection and definition as well as more ambitious “business process transformation” initiatives.

Right for you when: Organizational and operational alignment needs to be strengthened. Change initiatives are missing targets and/or priorities are not well defined.



Continuous Improvement

Pivotal Resources' Continuous ImprovementPivotal’s “triple threat” capability means we can teach, coach and/or apply the most valuable execution strategies and tools to your business challenges. While we’re “experts” in Lean, Six Sigma, Project Management and more, our focus is on practical and flexible methods that build confidence and enthusiasm to address critical needs. Our consultants are excellent resources for nearly every type of initiative, function or industry.

Right for you when: Expert help is needed to guide or support improvement projects or key change efforts. Your people need to learn or refresh their skills in effective analysis, problem solving, continuous improvement and/or change management.



Client Diagnostics

Pivotal Resources' Client DiagnosticsInsights into the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your operations and leadership are essential to plan effective, sustainable improvement. Pivotal Resources’ assessments support each aspect of the Change Leadership™ system – Leadership Performance, Portfolio & Process Management, and Change Execution.

Right for you when: Focused yet flexible programs and evaluation tools are needed to quickly diagnose performance and processes. Pivotal will quickly clarify how best to prepare your organization’s needs, and readiness for change.